Offloading a Bit of the Editing can Help you be (More) Productive

Podcast or Video Course Editing

You can make your podcast sound amazing with some work, but according to the Paretto Principle, you should be focusing on the 20% of podcasting that gives 80% of the return.

That 20% is recording the thing.

In fact many people record ideas for podcasts bnd courses ut they never get published because of the daunting task of editing.

Edit for Quality, Content, Length or All the Above!

No matter what you need done to the audio, trust us! We can clean up your sound and optimize so that you get your point across.

Podcast Editing

$45 Per Hour*

Video Editing

$150 Per Hour*

Podcast Editing rounded for every 30 minutes of RAW Content_ _ Video Editing rounded to the minute of RAW Content