It's time you learned how to say single most important word, "NO"!

  • Learn tactical ways to tell Friends, CoWorkers and even your boss "NO".

  • Learn what is important to you.

  • Regain time to work on the things you want.

git add be/more/productive/at/* && commit|

Today's technology space is home to some of the smartest and most creative individuals in the world. However, the demands that are placed on them often result in burnout and mental and physical fatigue.

Start working toward greater productivy and reclaim control in your life.

Productivity in Tech Podcast

Discovering your Super Job Angela Andrews (@scooterphoenix)

This week we are joined by Angela Andrews. Angela is a System Administrator working to make the jump into DevOps...

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Simple Ideas are Easier to Use and Implement

When an idea strikes, we are often inspired to develop the idea into an elaborate project. In our minds this can add value to the project, but these "enhancements" often restrict the use case of the project and discourages engagement...

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