Productivity is better with Friends!

When you join the PIT Premium Community you get an opportunity to work with other people focused on being productive.

Get Awesome Perks Like..

The PIT Premium Podcast Feed

Get access to the PIT Premium Podcast Feed which provides an inside look into the podcast interviews and the bonus content.

The PIT Slack Channel

Get Inspiration from those around you when you chat about your projects, hobbies, pop-culture, and many other topics in a safe and inviting Slack Workspace.

Community Hangouts

We currently have a monthly hangout sessions where our members are invited to chill online and work on projects! Come share what you're working on!*

Mentorship and Idea Crafting

We are a community of makers. Gather inspiration from our vault or have a mentor check-in with you and see if they can provide any insight on that next million dollar idea!

Early Access to Features

Our active community is the litmus paper of our work! When working on new things we often reach out to our premium members for early access to things we are looking at rolling out to the public.