Setting Good Goals - BJ Burns (BowtieBeej)

Who is BJ?

BJ Burns is a Full Stack .Net Developer, Meetup Organizer, and 1/2 of the Complete Developer Podcast.

What makes You the Subject Matter Expert on setting goals?

  • BJ covers his goals yearly on his podcast
  • Last years focus of their podcast was on setting accurate goals


What goals are important to set? Have Lifespace Goals to show where you are in your life. Have Class Level Goals to show Method Level Goals are immediate steps to get into your Loop Level Goals are the things that you should be looking at for your and day-to-day tasks

How often should you be reviewing your goals? Review your Larger (5/10 year goals) at least once a year Review Class Level goals at least once a month. Review Method Level goals weekly Review Loop Level Goals daily

What are some good tips for setting goals? Make sure your goals are narrow focused. Have goals that help you succeed personally and professionally. Set SMART GOALS * Specific * Measurable * Attainable * Relevant * Timebound Make sure your smaller goals help you to acheive your larger goals Be critical when you miss the mark on your goals. See what you could have done better!

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