Creating a Compassionate Environment with April Wensel

April Wensel

April is the founder of Compassionate Coding.

I met april at a WeAll.Js event and loved the idea of a company that helps to encourages businesses to take inclusion in the development space seriously.

I believe that areas that are the most inclusive are the most productive and I applaud April for all the things she is doing in the space.

Running Compassionate Coding

  • Staying involved in coding communities and volunteer opportunities helping others learn to code.
  • Consistent Structure helps to maintain routine.
  • Use Tools like Trello to organize projects.
  • Use previous experience to launch your plans for entrepreneurship.

What to do if you Company isn't Compassionate?

  • Speak up about the issues that you are dealing with. Don't be afraid of being labeled a troublemaker.
  • Get Out (if you can)

Looking for Compassionate Companies

  • Ask questions in low pressure situations (Job/Career Fairs)
  • Don't do interviews just for practice.
  • Use the interview process to gauge the company (regardless of what they tell you the culture is like).
  • Look at who is interviewing you. If there is no diversity in the panel, be sure to bring up the question of diversity.
  • Look for companies that are transparent about their inclusion.

Leveling the Playing Field

  • Businesses - Look at candidates based on their the willingness to grow at the role.
  • Judge candidates by what they show you in outside of their resume.
  • Take an interest in the person's situation. This can shed light on any "lacking" areas.

Be Humble

You can find out more about what April and compassionate coding are doing through: