Making Things Out with Joe Zack

Joe Zack

Who am I? Senior Software Engineer and Co-Host of Coding Blocks Podcast

Aligning incentives:

  • "Bundle" activities - Audiobooks + Cleaning
  • Reward yourself for an activity (#imadethis, logging (Seinfeld thing))
  • Letting yourself feel good about your accomplishments (Gratitude Journal, Lee Stetson)
  • Don't reward yourself too early...but don't shy away from mutually assured accountability (Coach!)
  • Join constructive community: You're the average of the 5 people you hang out with (PIT Facebook group, Slack Group, Co-Hosts)

References: (Pop'Sci' Books)

  • Hello Tech Pros
  • Power of Habit
    • Getting Things Done (Important / Urgent)
    • Shooting the bears instead of the bees (Focusing on Important over Urgent)

Things I need to get better about

  • Being organized in the "real world"
  • Don't lose site of the foreset for the trees!
  • CodeWars
  • 100DaysOfCode (CodeNewbie)

Turning it arround: Is it an Extroverts world?

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