Building your own Empire with Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy is the host of the Talk Python Podcast. He has built the most popular Podcast and Course Platform using his Python knowledge. He also deeply influenced the system that runs the Productivity in Tech platform.

He now teaches people primarily through his online Python training courses.

Michael started as a math scholar and jumped on a C+ project and fell in love with programming.

From there he picked up python and found passion in teaching it to people. That's when we started the podcast and started teaching. Once he was making enough from the podcast he went on his own and launched his own training platform.

  • Michael outsources a lot of his work to people found from
  • Michael chooses guests based on topics he's interested in, topics and guests his audience is interested in and people who give interesting talks at conferences.
  • Store all the topics in Trello so he can update each card with new data as it comes in.

His latest course is the culmination of all the things he's learned as an entrepreneur and how entrepreneurs can take advantage of python in their own projects.

Michael Kennedy Python Bytes Podcast

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