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Need Help Getting Productive?

Whether you have a system in place or you are just getting started. I can help you find clarity in your process.

We Know About Productivity AND We Know About Tech

The biggest challenge in finding a productivity coach that works for you is finding one that understands what you do.

"I wanted to focus on my career. I knew I wasn't very proactive or productive in that area so I thought a productivity coach sounded practical. I knew Jay was passionate about this from listening to his podcast for so long. That and unlike some of the other coaches I looked into, I could actually afford his coaching."

- Chris J.

I have productivity coaching experience as I have worked with other productivity coaches for the past 5 years.

I also am an active developer and spend the majority of my day working in the tech space. So whether you are a developer, designer, system administrator. I speak your language. I know your struggles, and I have helped others like you!

I've been helping people be more productive for over a decade.

Coaching That You Can Afford

My productivity story comes from when I was a junior level team member for a small IT department. I didn't know how to be productive and was struggling to be an effective employee. I looked at many different coaches but they had one thing in common.

I Couldn't Afford Them!

I value my time, but I also know that there has to be a way to make coaching affordable. My coaching methodology is similar to that of therapy.** There will be times when you need to work with me a lot and times when you will need to work with me a little. You only pay when we connect online or over the phone.

If you have a quick thought or concern we can work on that for free. You only pay when it's time to get done to work!

We Make Sure That I'm the Right Coach for You Before You Pay

The first call that we do is a free consultation. In that call I learn about what issues you are running into and let you know what my planned approach would be. Let's take the first step and learn if I can help you become (More) Productive

** Productivity in Tech does not claim to provide any type of therapy business and should not be used in substitution of seeing a mental health professional.

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It's important to me that I get to know who I would be working with and that I can provide the highest level of quality.

Use the form below to send me a request. This WILL NOT add you to a mailing list but will allow me to get back in touch with you to schedule a follow-up.