When an idea strikes, we are often inspired to develop the idea into an elaborate project. In our minds this can add value to the project, but these "enhancements" often restrict the use case of the project and discourages engagement.

A great example of this was a workflow that I created for the writing app Ulysses. I wanted to be able to create an outline or Table of Contents and have it create a Ulysses group (folder) and sheets for each section.

The workflow didn't take much time and after a bit of testing and tweaking, I was ready to share my creation with the Premium Members.

Problems with the First Version

The first version of the of the workflow was nice, but there were a few issues that I knew I would need to address. The first was that in order to run the workflow, you would need to create the outline in Ulysses, copy the sheet identifier, and then run the workflow. Once it was finished, you then had to open Ulysses again and add the original outline to the new group.

While I was fine with this workflow, but after sharing, there were a few people that ran into problems with running the workflow.

You see I had written the program based my usage and shared with without thinking about how others my run the workflow.

The Fix

In the second version of the workflow, I removed lines that only accepted Ulysses as the input. This made it so that you could load your text from any iOS app. By doing thing I was also able to fix the issue with the original content not being added to the sheet as well (without any pesky duplication).

I had introduced extra complexity and, because of that, the workflow wasn't simple enough to figure out. By taking another look, I was able to make the workflow more useful for me (and others) and also fixed issues that I was creating for myself.