Growth Through Sharing (and a Little EDM)

Perhaps the most stressful thing to think about when making a video for our YouTube channel is figuring out the background music.

In fact licensing music is super stressful as it's hard to figure out what you are supposed to do with rights and all that stuff. This is why I was super excited when I discovered that the sensational electronic music label Monster Cat has an amazing licensing strategy that lets you utilize all of their music for FREE*. This is why PIT Videos in the future will feature music primarily from MonsterCat.

MonsterCat's reasoning was this:

"Monstercat and its artists are gamers! We have invested thousands of hours of our lives destroying zombies, building elaborate worlds, raiding end-game bosses, levelling up etc. It is a very large part of our lives! In saying this, understand that we love the videos (machinimas, walk-throughs, montages etc.) that many of you create!"

By doing this they are not only making their music available to more people, by widening their network. They are also investing into the communities that they are also interested in.

PIT is passionate about productivity, but we don't know everything about the vast topic. That's why we rely on productivity and tech professionals and catalog their insight in our facebook community and podcasts. In fact our entire business model is designed on the idea of sharing what we have and who we know. And in MonsterCat fashion we aim to give away as much of that information as possible. While this means we rely mostly on patronage to cover our expenses we are able to get our message out and work with amazing professionals!

If you are hoping to grow your community or brand, consider allowing to giving the world a taste of what you have to offer.