Weekly Recap for June 5-11, 2017


We have a great set of episodes this week. It kicked off with an interview with the Mad Scientist of the Internet. We also announced that the PIT Podcast will be going on a bi-weekly episode schedule and hinted about a New Project coming out in the next week or so

Then following the WWDC Keynote event we released a special patrons-only episode of Loosely-Connected. Don't worry, we released a regular LC episode on Thursday.

Loosely Connected

Blog Posts

Have you just ever not been in the mood to get things done. Don't worry it happens. Being able to recognize those times and knowing what to do. That's why we wrote a Practical Guide to Overcome Not Feeling It

We also talked about the popular podcast playing app Castro and a few productivity tricks we learned from the late great Adam West.

Castro app


There was a lot of chatter from our professionals. Even though we didn't release any videos there was enough content to go around from Francesco, Carl and Enrico.

Books and Reading

I've really been enjoying reading Die Empty by Todd Henry. I've also been working my way through Malcom Gladwell's The Tipping Point

Die Empty

That's it for this week. Of course there was a lot of great information in the Facebook group as well. I hope that you be on the look out for more great content from Productivity in Tech!