Holy Productivity Batman! - RIP Adam West

For those that may have not heard yet, Adam West recent passed away. West was the first Batman I remember. In fact, he served as the shining example of heroism for several generations of people. I wanted to share a few of the many things that I thought about while reflecting on the amazing life and career of the caped crusader.

Batman was always equipped for any situation

We rarely see Batman without his utility belt. The benefit to being a billionaire vigilante is that he was always equipped with the tech (or the ability to create it) needed to defeat his foes.

In many of the challenges that we face today, be sure that you are equipped with the tools needed to overcome any obstacle. Your utility belt probably won't have a built in radio, grappling hook or smoke bombs. Instead it can be your notebook and pen or your favorite productivity app. Be careful though; Bat-er-rangs are illegal in some states.

Batman had an amazing team

When you think of batman, it's hard not to include Batgirl, Robin, or his trusty butler Alfred. This team was by Batman's side providing the help that certainly he needed in many situations.

You most likely have an amazing team with you as well. They can be your support line or your backup when called upon. Just make sure your costume always looks better (sorry Robin).

Batman never gave up, no matter the circumstances

"Failure is what happens when you've decided that you've failed" - Tim S. Grover, Relentless

This defines the premise of almost every premise of Batman. Most of the time just as Joker or Penguin thought they had one. Batman (usually with the help of something that Robin said) would have a flash of inspiration that would not only save them from some tough situation, but they would go on to foil the evil-doer's plot.

A few of Batman's many foes

While we are rarely, strapped to table with some ray gun pointed at us or seconds away from being dipped into boiling magma, our lives are filled with many situations in which we don't know how we will overcome the adversity. Remember that giving up and accepting your impending defeat is the only way to ensure that you will not win.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, Don't Stop, Don't Quit, EVER!

West was more than just Batman but will be always be remembered as him.

We all remember West for being the onomatopoetic Batman, but he was much more than that. In fact, IMDB credits West with 193 roles.

This reminds that we are often known for one/few things in our life, but that doesn't define who we are. Whether you are a scientist, a mother, or just someone who is always doing something different (me 🙋🏾‍♂️), be sure to not let what people call or define you as limit your ability to enjoy life!