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Castro is developed by the dynamic duo Pádraig Ó Cinnéide and Oisín Prendiville better known as Supertop.

Castro is divided into four parts which all can be accessed from icons in the bottom of the screen. In this post, we'll start from the right and work our way to the end.


You can find or add podcasts in the Discover tab by name, URL, or from the top charts divided into categories. Although the charts are from the United States by default, you can choose other countries as well (by changing the settings).

Tapping on a show reveals more information. From that page, you can see the artwork and a description for that podcast, and view the oldest and newest episodes. You can directly subscribe from that page as well. By tapping on an episode, you get a menu with options to stream, add to your queue, or mark it as a favourite episode. There is also an arrow to the right which leads to the show description and and show notes. Tapping between the oldest and newest episodes lists all episodes. This allows you to subscribe to the show or just listen to some episodes.


All the new episodes from your subscribed podcasts ends up in the Inbox. When you have a new episode a blue badge will show up over the icon, Similar to apps on the home screen of your phone. Manipulating shows and podcasts are the same as on the Discover page. Tap on the episode to show a menu. Instead of "mark as favorite", you can archive that episode. This is the place where you select what you want to listen to and add it to the queue.

Inbox, Queue and Archive & Castro


An episode automatically starts to download once added to the Queue. Downloading preferences can be adjusted in the settings. The dots to the right of each episode allows you to drag and reorder your queue.


The archive contains all your "starred" and subscribed podcasts. There's also a complete history of what you listened to. This is a great place to start if you looking for an old episode.

Show notes, Summary & iMessage in Castro

Now playing

A mini player appears at the bottom (below the icons) as soon as you start playing an episode. Tapping the arrow to the left opens a bigger player which has a speed adjustment and and share sheet, as well as the option to set a sleep timer. In the latest version they added buttons for continuous playback and Enhanced audio. Enhanced audio is great when listening to podcast on the bus or tram.

Unfortunately, this screen lacks cover art. It can distract you with the scrolling long titles.

The playing time indicator is a sound wave. The animation in the sound wave is somewhat jerky and not nice. Castro lack the ability to remove silence.

Other features

There is a setting to send new episodes from your favorite podcasts immediately to the queue without passing the inbox. Also, tapping on a shared link from Castro makes it possible to add that episode to your queue without subscribing to the podcast.

Castro also has a gorgeous dark theme. You can easily switch between themes by swiping two fingers up or down. This makes it easy to change theme regardless of where you are in the app.

Searching is done on Castros server and resulting in less data and battery usage. The app also have support for iMessage which makes it even easier to share episodes.

Castro is a well made app with many smart features. For people who follow many different podcast and jump around between single episodes, Castro is the best app on the market.

Castro — Play and Share Podcasts - App Store [$ 4.99]

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