The Practical Guide to Overcome "Not Feeling It"

Do you know anyone that just always seems happy, motivated, and productive. They suck don't they? Just kidding, I'm really just jealous. But Seriously?! Who is that great all the time.

When I started writing this, I wasn't really feeling it. In fact, I didn't even know "Not Feeling IT" was going to be my topic. Since I couldn't think of anything else to write, I thought "why not?" and started writing. Of course there are plenty of blog posts that give you the feel "goodie goodie" approach to getting out of your "rainy day mood". If you are anything like me, the last thing you really want to do when you aren't feeling "cheery" is listen to other people who are so damn happy it should be illegal. Here are a few tips that I normally use to find the energy to accomplish my tasks.

Go for a Run or Lift Something

When you are feeling a little agitated, there's not better time to use that pent up rage to punch, lift, kick and run it all out.

When we workout, our body gives off endorphins that can help lift your spirit. Runners have referred to this as a runner's high.

It also can help your mind get out of the funk that it's in and provide a source of inspiration. This is why many successful entrepreneurs always make time for their morning workout.

Check what you are Listening to

Many will argue how music can affects your mood, but most will agree, it does something. As outlined in this Healthline article, while sad music can negatively impact some people, it can serve as a form of therapy for others and even lift spirits in many.

There are also many sounds and songs that can you focus. I recommend listening to many different genres of music and see what sounds have a positive and negative affect on your mood.

If you aren't feeling all too great, play that song or album that gets you motivated. I recommend creating a "Let's Do This!" playlist that you can rely on to pull out of a negative space.

Music Can be just the tool you need.

It's also good technique to pair your playlist with your morning workout.

Change Your Scene or Try Something New

Does your office space look like the Batcave minus the super awesome computer, costumes and gadgets? Proper lighting can make your brain feel more alert. If Lighting is not the problem, try changing your scenery. Studies show that your brain goes into a panic alert and absorption mode that can kick you into high gear when you do something or go somewhere that it doesn't expect. I recommend having four or five go to spots that you can really start getting work done.

Another thing to try is anything that you've never done before. This will get you thinking in whole new ways and provide some inspiration.

Routines are great for muscle memory but suck when it comes to creativity and passion. Always be challenging yourself to bigger and better things.

Remember Why You're Doing Whatever You're Doing

We often lose sight of our goals when we're in the middle of it. This is similar to when you decide to start working out.

Week 1 "Yes I lost 6 pounds already!😌"

Week 2 "Alright another 4 pounds!πŸ’ͺ🏾"

Week 3 "WTF! I gained a pound😰"

Week 4 "Only 1 pound lost! What's going on? Why am I even wasting my time!😀"

Even though your scale may not show you the changes, you are probably a bit more energetic, and your little pockets of flab will start slowly shrinking. Meanwhile you are ignoring that and losing hope because the changes are so small you don't notice them.

This is how we feel in our work as well. We notice the early big changes but the smaller (or seemingly adverse) or progress gets, the more we begin to stop noticing them at all and start feeling like we aren't really succeeding.

A good way to prevent this from happening is to keep track of your small wins. This allows you to look at the growing list of accomplishments and see the progress that you've been making over time.

Be Okay With not Being Okay

No one (I mean no one) is feeling it 24/7. You have to be okay with that. If you've done all of these things and you still can't shake the rut. If you feel like you desperately need to recoup, give yourself some time to recover. Don't wallow in your misery but get away from it all and just relax a bit. If you don't take care of yourself in these little moments, you will find only find yourself in more ruts.

Keep Working Through It!

Okay so in the end I wound up being a bit more "chipper" than I thought. It would seem that just working through the rut was enough to pull me out of it.

So I hope that in reading this you have gotten a few ideas on how to make it through your rut. I wasn't feeling it when I started writing this, but I became absorbed into the work and I was focused and motivated by the time it was done!