I spent a lot of time today rewriting code. This code didn't change very much on the website. If you were to look at it quickly, you wouldn't notice much of a difference. Still these changes made a lot of sense on my side as a developer.

In the development world, this called refactoring your code. It usually means optimizing the code without changing the appearance of the end result. This is usually done to make code easier to understand or more efficient. It can also be used to increase the performance of your program or make it conform to newer versions of the programming language.

The refactoring that was performed today was make the source code of the website look more like the podcast_publisher. Previously, I would have to shift my thoughts from the code for uploading files and podcasts and the website itself. This uniformity allows me to quickly transition between the codebases.

This was done as a way to help simplify the processes and mindsets in the automation of some podcast tasks. The need to do this was apparent after the unfortunate loss of an upcoming podcast episode. My belief is that the more that my system is similar, the less mental energy is wasted on switching tasks.

The changes in that manner make a big difference in the overall performance of all of the things that surround the website. This includes the more important podcasts, blog, and videos.