Today I learned how to convert a string field into a DateTime field in MongoDB.

Now while those that don't know javascript (or anything about Mongo) are thinking "How does this apply to me, well it doesn't. Those that do know a bit more in the field may be thinking "Big woop, it's just a forEach call on each item that needs to be changed." You are right, it is a very basic level of knowledge in the field of javascript. The reason I'm so excited is that I don't know much javascript. In fact, until I started attending WEAllJS, I wasn't doing very much javascript at all (even though many my JS developing friends have recommended I start learning)

A win is a win no matter how small

This was a small win. It was an extremely huge small win. You see the blog on the website had never been in order. This was because my code actually saved the blog posts dates as strings and not dates. (Basically like the difference between 1 and one in the eyes of the computer). I just lived with the problem because I didn't know how to fix it. However my journal only had one more task in it. In order to ensure that I completed that task I needed to make sure my posts were being listed in the right order.

That mean completing this tasks I'd been putting off for months.

I did the research and applied some logic. Finally I came up with the code that got everything fixed.

Not the Code but the Result of it

How to be Everything author Emilie Wapnick explains that logging the simple wins is a great way to motivate yourself to success in areas that you are not confident.

Tracking your small wins is a powerful way to combat the natural tendency toward negativity.

I'm staying positive and I'm taking care of business. And it will all start with one simple tweet (that I also logged in DayOne where I have a Small Wins Journal!)