My grandfather was hands-down the largest inspiration to me. I have so many fond memories of experiences and lessons that contribute to the time I have spent with him. There is Just One Problem.

I'm not my Grandfather

While I am a productivity scholar, my grandfather was into mathematics to the point that that is the only hobby I can recall he has. This obsession has been only absorbed for the sake of knowing it; I apply my knowledge with the intent of teaching more people in the tech space like me the same tricks (saving more people time and energy at an exponential level). Furthermore, I have applied side hustle that makes (currently) no money and a full-time job that funds it. For my entire life, my grandfather has been not retired, but rather intentionally unemployed. This gave him more time to devote to me.

When I look at the relationship that I had with my grandmother, who left retirement for part time work seems terribly unbalanced. She was a hard worker for several long and painful years and has toughed it out through the worst of socio-political climates for African Americans. She has held many hobbies and has done as much as she had time to do for me, even though she knew I preferred the company of my grandfather.

The truth is simple. While my grandfather helped to mold me into the person that I am today, my grandmother had more similarities and perhaps qualifications to do so.

Escorting my Grandmother on my Wedding Day

Who Are You Giving an Opportunity to Speak

I write this to think about this in my current pursuit of knowledge in the productivity space. Of course the opinions of the productivity "Professionals" are easy to acquire and vetted by the loud spoken majority. It is the current achiever with her head down that holds fantastic secrets to success. Find new and often disregarded voices to listen to and grow in ways that make you stand out from the crowd.

This was one of the reasons I started the Productivity in Tech Podcast. It was to give equal value to the opinions of those being productive as a profession as well as those who were simply just being productive to achieve the quality of work and life that they hold today.