Having just finished the Accidental Creative, I was extremely motivated to align my focus with my vocation (not my occupation).

This idea is that my occupation (job) can be anything that inspires my vocation (calling).

My calling is to be one of providing insight to others in a shared way that benefits the many.

Lately there has been a big push to figure out how to monetize Productivity in Tech. This has been a difficult thing for me because at the heart of PIT is the desire to provide as much content for free. This self-imposed requirement means that I'm limited in the way that I can provide content. Still I somehow find myself wanting to do more and more for the community.

As I'm writing this there are 9 different areas that I am trying to present content.

All the "things" that Jay is Managing

I'll save you the breakdown of each one. After looking at my (colorful) list of these things, my eyes were opened to the reality of things.


Simplify Pit

It's sucks to admin but I can't work at this pace. I'm on the path to burnout. I need to figure out something.

I have decided that I will making some strategic moves on my end to reduce my workload without compromising the quality of the content that is being put out.

Give up Control

The biggest thing that I'm doing is taking a back seat on the Facebook Group.

The beautiful thing about the Facebook group is that the community makes it what it is.

There is very little value added by me in comparison to the plethora of links, questions, and amazing conversations that are held there.

I will become a "member of this group" instead of promoter. I believe that the group will continue to grow on it's own without much promotion from me.

This reduces the amount of mental strain on me.

Automate Your Reach

I HATE AUTOMATED SOCIAL MEDIA. In fact I have vowed to ensure that my personal account is free of any automated DM's and posts (so much that it broke my IFTTT integrations).

I have to accept the fact that my PIT social media accounts (save instagram) do not get the reach that a primary account has. It is for that reason I will be manning my personal accounts again and using the PIT accounts to share content on social media.

I will not, however,

  • sharing quotes all the time (unless I just read them from a book or heard them on a podcast. Any other way is a form of social diarrhea 💩).
  • give you the same tweet again and again. Only relevant and timely posts.
  • fill your timeline with "HEY BUY MY STUFF!!" Posts. I will promote but I will do it without spamming.
  • Send "Thanks for following" posts or dm's (again social 💩)

This will allow me to be more personal with my account. Occaisionally, I will make a personal reply but the majority of my social usage of the PIT accounts will be for announcements of content.

This is to say that I will continue to post productivity inspired photos on the PIT instagram. I really enjoy doing that and it has become my personal account (I don't even check my personal anymore so follow PIT on IG)

Collect to be Ready

I haven't seriously professed my love for InoReader until now. InoReader is an amazing tool that lets me look at what I'm interested in and very little else in the Productivity Space.

One of the great things that it supports is folder and tag management with Rules. This means that I can tell inoreader to do things with posts before I ever look at them.


By doing this (and a little magic from IFTTT) I am able to add productivity posts directly to the SubReddit. Of course there will be the occasional weird post that slips in but I've noticed that the continual growth of the subreddit with little interaction leads me to believe that people are using it as a curated resource. This means that I can provide more content in this manner which will save me time in the long run.

Another example is the collection of the newsletter content. By going through my newsletter candidates (my starred items) and having them visible in my dashboard makes it easy for me to grab the latest news for the newsletter instead of searching all over the place. This will greatly reduce the amount of time spent on the newsletter.

Same Amount of Work All Together Takes Less Time

Do you know the story of Sisyphus. He's the one that was tasked with pushing the boulder up the mountain. Seriously, his job sucks.

The but if you've ever had to push something somewhere. You know that getting started is the hardest part.

If fact it takes about 15 minutes to meet a state of flow and a 45 minutes to hit the peak of that state.

Doing the Youtube videos every day makes it very hard to ever reach a flow state. In fact that 5 minute video takes about 45 minutes to record, edit, and publish. My hypothesis (which I will be tested next week) is that I can record all 5 segments at one time and release them as one video in about 1/3 of the total time it would take for me to do each one individually.

Old Way - 45 minutes/per video * 5 videos = 225 minutes (3.75 hours) per week on video editing.

New Way - 45 minutes of recording (for one video) + 1 hour for editing and publishing = 105 minutes

That's over a 45% decrease in the amount of time that it takes.

That time can be used to make other videos craft ideas or (hopefully) exercise and relax.

Less Now = More Focus

The things that I have done do not reduce the quality of any of the content that I'm creating. In fact, I believe that they strengthen the many things that we are doing and allow us to add more focus to the things that require it.

This will allow me to work on more things that will help PIT grow into a self-sustaining product that goes in line with what seems to be the logical path for it.