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BusyCal is a calendar app for macOS and iOS that's developed by BusyMac. I was looking for an app that could show both my calendar and todos simultaneously. I have tried a few apps before with this functionality, but they all had some form of limitation. With this in mind I decided to give BusyCal for iOS a shot.


BusyCal is a really powerful app with many features. It supports different views and provides of information like your task list, the weather and moon phases.

Month view

By pinching and zooming with two fingers you can view 2 to 8 weeks in the month view. If you tap on a specific day it expands and show you all events of that day in a list. To make room for this it pushes next coming week down. This is my favourite function in all calendar apps I ever tried.

month view

Week view

The week view can show 2-7 days with the same technique as month view. Week view works both in portrait and landscape, which is quite unusual.

week view

List and day view

The other two views is list and day view. List view shows all your events in a running list with a divider between days. Even though I like the month view, the day view is my most used. Here it shows your events in blocks with a timeline on the side. There is a divider at the top for all-day events. It's possible to move this divider depending on how many events you want to fit. Zoom the timeline by pinching with two fingers.

list view


BusyCal is using Apple reminders to handle and sync todos. They show up in the calendar on their due date and time. If it only has a due date I show up with all-day events at the top. If you don't finish a task it automatically moves to the next day and shows as a all-day task.

There is an tap to manage and edit task, this is also the only place you can view undated tasks. They are showed as a list and you can sort by due date, list, tag, priority, title or manually.


Other features

BusyCal supports iCloud, Google, Office 365 and Exchange. You can also use other CalDav servers such as Fruux, Kerio and Zimba.

You can apply tags to both tasks and events, one event or task can have multiple tags. This makes it easier to search and categories with filters. When searching you can do this by title, location, notes and tags. The result is showing a list.


BusyCal support natural language for creating events and tasks.

Other features


In BusyCal, You are limited in options when creating repeating events. The app supports and can show different repeat options, but the need to be set in BusyCal for mac or an other app.

All tasks shows a one hour events in the calendar and therefore takes unnecessary much space. I would like a setting for choosing a shorter time.

Tasks that are automatically move to the next day lacks and indication that they are overdue. I would also like better handling for lists and tasks.

BusyCal is an universal app that works on both iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately it doesn't use the bigger space on the iPad and looks more like a blown up iPhone app. I tested it on my iPad Air 2 and got a lot of unused space.

List view on iPad Air 2

BusyCal doesn't sync settings between devices and lack a widget.

I get the feeling that this is an companion app for the Mac version. I would rather see a complete iOS version with a higher price.

My Verdict

BusyCal is one of the best calendar apps I used but it has some flaws that keeps me from using it as my primary app for calendar. The month view is outstanding and the option to expand days is genius. But the way it puts events and tasks makes the day and week view cluttered. I would like a better overlap of events like Apple Calendar and a clear view of overdue tasks. I want more features to match the macOS version and better use of the bigger screen on iPad.

BusyCal - Calendar, Reminders & To Dos - App Store [$ 4.99]